About Us

The first thing you may notice about the guest house is that it is an authentic, historic colonial house. It has a homey and inviting atmosphere that you makes you feel as if you are experiencing the history of the city and the country of Nicaragua while you lodge here. We make every effort to distinguish the guest house from other hotels and hostels you may be accustomed to that tend to feel more impersonal and purely utilitarian (i.e., simply a bed to sleep on, a place to stay and not much else). The magic of this place is its well preserved Spanish cultural heritage which is ever present in its architecture and decor. While you are here, you are living through the ages of Nicaragua and León, you are living in its history.

The Casona Colonial Guesthouse is the perfect guest house for those who want to be at home even when they are far from home. Every room includes a free, authentic, Nicaraguan-style continental breakfast with café, tostadas, and fresh fruit. This place is for those looking for the rich warmth of a home they know well, where they feel welcome and wanted. It is for those who want to immerse themselves into the history of León in a small way by spending a few nights under our roof and our care. Even the furniture housed here is antique, characterizing the old style that people who have lived in León for many years remember. The guest house is also for those who have a desire for and a little adventure.

When you enter this colonial mansion, you will not be greeted by an impersonal and bland registration desk but rather you are very likely to receive the warm smile of the owner and her welcome. In place of the registration desk, your first impression will be of the two beautiful gardens located in the center of the guesthouse.

The Casona Colonial Guesthouse is located a half block from the San Juan park and a short walk from excellent restaurants and the center of town, which is where the historic Cathedral of León sits. Wikipedia notes that the Cathedral is a significantly important and historic landmark in Nicaragua. The Cathedral was awarded World Heritage Site status with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

So join us! León, Nicaragua waits for you and we have a room reserved just for you at the Casona Colonial Guesthouse!